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LINQ Tutorial

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query. Language Integrated Query introduced in .net framework 3.5 and C# 3.0 version. LINQ integrated accessibility of data and query into language. LINQ makes easier to work with data.

Advantage of LINQ

Earlier when we connect to database, we used SQL queries as text like if we have to select any data from table then we write following queries:-
“select * from Table_name”
This query will be passed as text and if this query has some syntax error then it will be showed when this query will be executed means at runtime. But in LINQ at the time of compile time all syntax checked as it integrate query writing in our language(C# or
In this linq tutorial we are covering linq to object in which we have shared the example of linq to array, linq to jagged array, linq to list, lambda expression. In linq to SQL we have shared the example of Insert, update, select and delete from database using linq. In Linq to entity we have shared the communication between sql and using entity framework. In linq to xml we have shared how to select, manupulate and traverse xml file with example. In this tutorial we also shared frequently asked interview questions and linq queries examples for practice.

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