jQuery Interview Questions

This section focuses on the jQuery interview questions and answers. These are the prominent jQuery questions  that are asked for for jobs related to jQuery technology

What do you mean by JQuery?

JQuery is Java Script library or Java Script Framework. It helps software engineer to decrease lines of code as enormous code written in Java Script, is possible effortlessly with JQuery in few lines.
JQuery is not a dialect however it is well written JavaScript code, as cited on official JQuery site “it is a quick and brief JavaScript Library that improves HTML report navigating, occasion taking care of, enlivening, and Ajax communications for fast web improvement.
It was release in January 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig.

Why JQuery came in existence?

jquery is exceptionally smaller and elegantly composed JavaScript code that expands the benefit of the engineer by empowering them to attain discriminating UI usefulness by composing less measure of code.
JQuery helps to
  • Develop most program good site page
  • Implement UI related discriminating usefulness without composing many lines of codes
  • Fast
  • Extensible – jquery can be stretched out to execute altered conduct

What does dollar Sign ($) implies in JQuery?

Dollar Sign is only a pseudonym for JQuery. Examine below  jquery code
Here $ sign can be supplanted with “jquery ” magic word.


What is Jquery UI?

Jquery UI is a library which is based on top of Jquery library. Jquery UI accompanies cool gadgets, impacts and collaboration instrument.

What are the various features of JQuery ?

Features of JQuery
  • One can undoubtedly give impacts and can do movements.
  • Applying and Changing CSS.
  • Cool plugins
  • Ajax help
  • DOM determination events
  • Occasion Handling

Name a method of the systems for JQuery used to give impacts?

A method of the basic techniques is:
  • Show()
  • Toggle()
  • Hide()
  • FadeIn)
  • FadeOut()

What are various types of selectors in Jquery?

Three types of selectors in Jquery
  • CSS Selector
  • Custom Selector
  • XPath Selector

What are the preferences of Jquery?

There are numerous preferences with Jquery. Some of them are:
  • It is more like a JavaScript improvement so there is no overhead in taking in another grammar.
  • It can keep the code straightforward, readable, clear and reusable.
  • It would destroy the necessity for composing complex circles and DOM scripting library calls.

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