• An Index is a key built from one or more columns in the database that speeds up fetching rows from the table or view.
  • Cluster index is a type of index which sorts the data rows in the table on their key values.
  • A Non-clustered index stores the data at one location and indices at some other location
  • Clustered is the default index
  • The main benefit of a non-clustering index helps you to retrieves data quickly from the database table.
  • The main benefit of the Clustered index method is that it uses location mechanism to locate index entry at the start of a range.
  • In Clustered Index you can sort the records and store clustered index physically in memory as per the order while In non-clustered index helps you to creates a logical order for data rows and uses pointers for physical data files.
  • The main drawback of a clustered index is that it creates lots of constant page splits, which includes data page as well as index pages.

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