Advantages of ReactJS

 Here, are important pros/benefits of using ReactJS:

  • ReactJS uses virtual dom that makes use of in-memory data-structure cache, and only the final changes are updated in browsers dom. This makes the app faster.
  • You can create components of your choice by using the react component feature. The components can be reused and also helpful in code maintenance.
  • Reactjs is an open-source javascript library, so it is easy to start with.
  • ReactJS has become very popular in a short span and maintained by Facebook and Instagram. It is used by many famous companies like Apple, Netflix, etc.
  • Facebook maintains ReactJS, the library, so it is well maintained and kept updated.
  • ReactJS can be used to develop rich UI for both desktop and mobile apps.
  • Easy to debug and test as most of the coding is done in javascript rather than on Html.

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